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What is The Disconnect?

The Disconnect is a weekly publication about the space between technology, culture, and society. Written by me, Sean Bugler, it’s a newsletter that seeks to shed light on the technology industry and the impact its products and people have on the world around us.

The Disconnect drops every Friday, barring the occasional holiday.

What does The Disconnect cover?

Those in tech often build with visions of grandeur, with missions like bringing the world closer together (Meta) or organizing the world’s information (Google). But the reality of these platforms and their products is that their impact can be far removed from their creators’ intent.

The Disconnect aims to bridge that gap and meet readers where they are, providing contextually relevant insight behind the biggest headlines in tech. Society has a vested interest in understanding exactly what’s happening, the challenges we’re facing, and where we go from here.

What’s in each issue?

In each issue, I’ll feature a single editorial topic written with context to help readers connect what’s happening today with how we got here. I’ll also feature community-sourced content to ensure a diversity of voices is included and aggregate links to related news beyond what’s covered in the issue.

You can expect each issue to have the following sections:

  • The top story. - The week’s editorial topic.

  • In other news. - Brief blurbs on recent news.

  • Keep reading. - A collection of links to news in tech across the spectrum, curated for context and relevance.

  • Off course. - An off-topic selection of books, articles, and other content I found interesting.

  • Better things. - For as long as there are still good things on the internet worth sharing, I’ll add a few in each issue.

How can I contact The Disconnect?

You can contact me at sean@disconnect.news or DM me on Twitter. The Disconnect is a one-person operation, but still very much a collaboration between my readers and me.

Typos and the occasional error are inevitable, but I aim to correct them as quickly as possible when they’re brought to my attention. I also want to know if there are things you like, things you don’t like, and everything in between.

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Sean Bugler

Sean Bugler is a cloud architect for the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. He serves on the industry advisory board for Arizona State University's Technological Entrepreneurship & Management program and co-hosts the Microsoft 365 Refresh Show.